Growth Capital Advisors

Corporate Finance Services

Now more than ever it is vital that lower and middle market companies have a capital structure in place that addresses both their present and future funding needs. The highly experienced team of professionals at Growth Capital Advisors (GCA), skilled in finance, accounting, mergers and acquisitions, expansion and succession planning help our clients prepare in-depth financial models that outline their needs for both the present and future funding of their businesses.

In-depth modeling work combined with our extensive proprietary database of lenders and institutional investors allows GCA to target sources specifically suited to the client’s unique funding needs and future goals.

GCA has the vast experience, mission critical tools, extensive networks and solid reputation required to get the best outcome for our clients, again and again, allowing them to run their business in a manner that results in strengthening cash flows, maximizing profits, and ultimately increasing company valuations.  

Extensive Experience In Helping Businesses Obtain The Right Funding