Growth Capital Advisors

Distributor / Handheld Electronics (2021)


This company led by a young aggressive entrepreneur has built a growing business of distributing hand-held consumer products to retailers and distributors throughout Mexico and Central America. This is a low margined business combined with its growth has resulted in a highly leveraged balance sheet. The incumbent bank informed the owner that they would not be able to renew their line of credit. Since the company is highly dependent of their funding from their bank, they enlisted the help of GCA to help them find a lender that would be able to fund their projected future growth.



GCA was able to bring this opportunity to well over 20 lenders within 30 days of being engaged. After reviewing several term sheets and negotiating with a few potential lenders, GCA was able to bring in a lender that specialized in cross border financing and provide both a larger line of credit as well as a Purchase Order facility that together nearly doubled their borrowing capabilities and put them in a position to double their business within two years.