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Mergers & Acquisitions

At times an opportunity becomes available to accelerate the growth of a business through a merger or acquisition of another company. In order to take advantage of these opportunities the client must be able to (a) find these opportunities and (b) have the funding in place to execute the acquisition in a timely manner. Often a company is open and receptive to giving up some percentage of ownership in exchange for the capital they need to grow. In such situations, we also have a proprietary data base of private equity investors, venture debt providers and others who can bridge that funding gap and add value to a company’s growth strategy.

There are often many options available to an owner that they may have never imagined possible, and such partnerships can put their company in a stronger more profitable position to gain market share and grow exponentially. Growth Capital Advisors is a full-service firm that can help lead the way by bringing unique opportunities to our clients.  We take a very personalized and targeted approach to such transactions and potential partnerships and are sensitive to confidentiality and anonymity requirements of our clients.

GCA also works closely with an affiliated firm that also helps execute the process of assisting buyers in identifying and negotiating with prospective M&A candidates. Once the decision is made to go forward with the acquisition, Growth Capital Advisors will provide the sources of capital to fund such transactions.